A funny, far-out musical mystery...

A bungling jazz musician gets caught in a crazy, comic world of musical intrigue.

David is a neurotic New York jazz pianist, stumbling through his
half-baked career. He’s the kind of guy who walks out of the bathroom
with toilet paper trailing away from his shoe. He hears a few seconds of
a mysterious recording of piano music on the radio that burns his soul. The
unknown music begins to transform him and he starts to experience extra-
sensory perceptions. His obsessive quest to find out the identity of the pianist on
the recording leads him through a series of outrageous gigs and in and out of his own slightly off-kilter imagination. Things always seem to go utterly wrong for David, and he finds himself embroiled in a murder, a death-music cult and a mystical battle of the bands.

This is a story of a musician’s search for his real self, and of music’s power to transform the spirit.

"The Disharmonic Misadventures of David Stein"
by Jonathan L. Segal